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Funded ICOs

CHIMPZEE 4,460 Views
The mission of Chimpzee is to provide a way for people to earn passive income while simultaneously saving animals and the environment. Guided by this spirit...
Category: Other
30 Nov 2023
Bitcoin BSC 5,139 Views
Bitcoin is a new Stake-to-Earn BEP-20 token build on Binance Smart Chain which mirrors the token price and circulating supply of Bitcoin in April 2011 when...
Category: Cryptocurrency
30 Nov 2023
Bitcoin Minetrix 5,178 Views
Bitcoin Minetrix is the first Stake-to-Mine ERC-20 token! Bitcoin Minetrix introduces the first Stake-to-Mine methodology, eliminating the need for...
Category: Other
30 Nov 2023
WuuTrade Token 1,034 Views
WuuTrade is a blue ocean idea, unlike any financial platform ever developed. With WuuTrade, we have brought a new perspective to the financial markets and...
Category: Platform
01 Oct 2023
SONIK 997 Views
Welcome to the world of $SONIK, the crypto meme token that's as quick as lightning and could take you from 0 to $100 million market cap faster than you...
Category: Cryptocurrency
30 Sept 2023
RobotEra 7,193 Views
RobotEra building a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding metaverse. You will become a robot, managing your own land and participating in the creation of the world....
Category: Entertainment
31 Aug 2023
XGames 43,034 Views
XGames LLC is a game development company in Wyoming USA, first game is released in google playstore yesterday and on Apple store after three days, the game...
Category: Gambling
30 Aug 2023
DeeLance 5,144 Views
DeeLance is the next-generation freelancing and recruitment platform incorporating decentralized Web3 technology to create a space where the world works...
Category: Cryptocurrency
31 July 2023
Artyfact Metaverse 17,695 Views IEO
Artyfact is the first Web3 Gaming Metaverse that combines the best of the AAA and GameFi worlds using an innovative Play-and-Earn (PAE) model that puts...
Category: Virtual Reality
01 June 2023
Brickken 20,548 Views
Brickken - Create, sell, and manage digital assets
Through the Brickken Token Suite, companies have a gateway into the emerging token economy by bringing...
Category: Investment
31 May 2023
Mindsync 54,374 Views
Mindsync is a platform to solve customer's tasks with AI technologies competitions as well as a marketplace for these solutions and training datasets....
30 Apr 2023
ErosBook 2,701 Views
ErosBook is a next generation escorts platform which allows genuine clients to quickly connect with the trustworthy agencies and independent escorts. We are...
Category: Other
16 Jan 2023
Mojaik Platform 2,114 Views
Mainnet Fee Chain - Mojaik ( developed by TimeStope team will be released on October 10, 2022. The TimeStope team has been conducting the...
Category: Platform
31 Dec 2022
Mega Token 9,612 Views
Aiming to provide everyone with equal access, less partiality, and greater profitability, Mega Token, with the ticker symbol of HPW for Hash Per Watt, has...
Category: Cryptocurrency
31 Dec 2022
Cryptoffer 2,470 Views
We are dedicated to making crypto dealing affordable, simple, and favorable for everyone. DeFi swapping, saving, and borrowing are the main crypto activities...
Category: Platform
26 Dec 2022
Gamer NFT Network 73,601 Views
Gamer NFT Network
is an ambitious project that has never been attempted with this level of depth Connecting multi universes in one platform with Play2Earn,...
Category: Cryptocurrency
01 Dec 2022
IMPT 3,231 Views is a very innovative project that offers a variety of opportunities for each user to acquire carbon credits, from purchasing carbon credits on the...
Category: Cryptocurrency
01 Dec 2022
Girles Token 1,966 Views
Girles Token is a decentralized NFT GameFi token based on locked liquidity and deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet. The token protocol is Proof-of-Stake....
Category: DeFi
05 Nov 2022
WeSendit 60,949 Views
We protect your privacy with decentralized solutions for file sharing and cloud storage networks. The most successful companies and 3 million customers in...
Category: Big Data
31 Oct 2022
TamaDoge 4,799 Views
TamaDoge is coming out the gate barking, becoming one of the biggest hyped meme coins of all time and pushing the boundaries of the Play-to-Earn space, in...
Category: Cryptocurrency
31 Aug 2022
inSHAPE 10,293 Views
The first app that uses blockchain technology to reward your workouts The more you workout, the more you earn.
Category: Sports
18 Aug 2022
Pixel Global Coin 2,313 Views
Pixel Crypto Transport Initiate from transport lovers unite to make coins with the condition of receiving coins by simulating a virtual transport system...
Category: Cryptocurrency
31 July 2022
Centurion Invest Token 1,335 Views
Centurion Invest provides high liquid, secured, decentralized investments, and trading platforms mixed with investment plans to increase customer's net...
Category: Investment
26 July 2022
Green App Development IDO 2,672 Views
Green Wallet, Green Swap, NFT marketplace, cross-chain protocol and other products that are combined with one GAD token.
We are developing a new ecosystem...
Category: Software
30 June 2022
TrustRecruit 4,306 Views
TrustRecruit is the world’s first AI-enabled Verified Resume NFT platform that turns people’s resumes into unique NFTs. The minted NFTs are available on...
Category: DeFi
07 June 2022
Peermoon 2,364 Views
Peermoon is a Defi mobile wallet that allows investing and managing finance conveniently in one app. Through the Peermoon app users can invest in different...
Category: Investment
18 May 2022
iCommunity Labs 4,008 Views IEO
iCommunity is the leading platform in Spain for blockchain technology as a service, or also called BaaS (blockchain as a service). Which allows developing...
Category: Software
12 May 2022
Futusato 2,012 Views
Futusato is the real estate agency for the metaverse. We create homes for every reality including the real one. NFT marketplace and token sale.
Category: Virtual Reality
30 Apr 2022
Solidus AI Tech 33,789 Views
Solidus AI Tech is currently engaged in discussions concerning a next-generation Play2Earn Metaverse platform gaming design, which will feature our...
Category: Cryptocurrency
30 Apr 2022
RadaEarth 3,389 Views
Rada Earth DAO is a carbon credit protocol operating on the Gnosis chain (xDai); we are focused on tree planting (NFTrees) real-life asset-backed NFTs and...
Category: DeFi
30 Mar 2022
Quarashi Network 28,618 Views
Next Generation All in One Platform in your Crypto Journey. Quarashi empowers the first decentralized all in one platform focused on: Privacy Chat,...
15 Mar 2022
RastaSwap 2,967 Views
RastaSwap is a community driven project, it has been developed to be the #1 crypto ecosystem related to the cannabis market and a bridge between the...
Category: DeFi
01 Mar 2022
Launchtok Network 1,630 Views
Launchtok is blockchain manufacturing ecosystem based on checking the production volume of participants in factories and their workshops. Launchtok aims to...
Category: Cryptocurrency
14 Feb 2022
Completely decentralized fundraising and Incubation platform. We aim to empower projects with fundraising capabilities by allowing retail investors and...
01 Feb 2022
Jax Network 7,388 Views
Jax.Network is anchored to the BTC blockchain that follows the JaxNet protocol and issues scalable, stable, and decentralized JAX coins.
30 Nov 2021
MULIERUM 1,680 Views
About MULIERUM Mulierum Project - Next Generation Blockchain-Powered Payment Platform For Social Media ! ● Mulierum is a completely decentralized and...
Category: Cryptocurrency
15 Nov 2021
Sappchat 6,152 Views
The world’s first Decentralized Messaging App meets Decentralized Banking powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology.
Category: Communication
31 Aug 2021
Merchant Token 27,043 Views
HIPS Merchant Protocol (HMP), the Hips Merchant Protocol Gateway (HMP- gateway) and the governing Merchant Token (MTO) is a solution that introduces consumer...
Category: DeFi
30 June 2021
Quasa International GmbH 1,719 Views
QUASA is a decentralized network connecting Freelancers and Customers together. $QUA is the governance token of the QUASA platform.
In the QUASA network,...
Category: Entertainment
17 June 2021
BeerGameDeFi 2,252 Views
Beer Game Defi is a simple game where you can choose one over ten beers and win up to 200% your bet.
18 May 2021