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List of blockchain companies

There are 1143 blockchain companies from 182 countries operating in 31 markets
There are 184 blockchain companies from 42 countries
2100NEWS ICO 1,890 Views
The Voice Of The New Economy
We are the first news platform of the decentralized economy: delivering business and market news, data and analysis to the...
7ype 1,491 Views
Feature Film producing
7ype is a unique, forward thinking and innovative way for feature films to be financed by supporters and fans, which blends the...
8Hours 1,540 Views
The World’s First Blockchain-Enabled Tabletop Game Console
8Hours Foundation is empowering a blockchain-based ecosystem of people who connect with each...
Cayman Islands
AdHive 1,047 Views
AI-controlled influencer marketing platform
AdHive is the first AI-controlled Influencer Marketing platform with Blockchain technological solutions. The...
AEN 981 Views
Join The Pioners of Porn
The AEN team aims to be the first global incentive based adult entertainment network of the world powered by Blockchain...
Alive Casino 591 Views
Virtual Reality, the Future of Gambling is Alive
The Alive Casino is named as such because, as both a company and an organization, everything is about...
Costa Rica
APPICS 573 Views
The next generation social media app.
APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that runs on top of the STEEM blockchain and...
Arcona 521 Views
The Worldwide Augmented Reality Grid
We represent the global ecosystem of augmented reality, built on the blockchain technology. We are merging together...
Arena 748 Views
eSports cryptocurrency speculation ecosystem
Arena is a platform where members and experts will sell eSports, sports, and cryptocurrency picks. Members...
Arker 627 Views
The Online RPG that rewards with cryptocurrency
Arker is the first RPG online video game that rewards the user with a cryptocurrency.
The coin can be...
ARROUND 570 Views
Breakthrough communication platform in AR
ARROUND is a decentralized augmented reality (AR) platform. ARROUND uses blockchain and augmented reality to...
ASOBI COIN 494 Views
Digital Content Trade
The concept of ASOBI COIN is digital content trade on distributed secondary market. A new blockchain economic era for the publishers...
AstorGame 569 Views
eSport and online gambling platform
AstorGame will change the eSports and betting world with an eSport and online gambling platform, developed using...
Asura Coin 660 Views
Self-Sustainable eSports Platform Powered by NEO
Asura World is the World’s first self-sustainable eSports platform, powered by NEO. Asura World aims to...
New Zealand
Aventus 517 Views
Fair, secure, and transparent ticketing industry
Aventus is a digital assets-focused blockchain-based protocol that transforms oversight, standardisation,...
AXL 700 Views
Axial Entertainment Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency AXL is a Reverse ICO Project that represents the ‘AXIAL ENTERTAINMENT CRYPTOCURRENCY’. AXL project...
Bablos 588 Views
Platform for Collective Film Production
Blockchain platform for collective film production. The best present-day solution to source funding is a direct...
Back To Earth 457 Views
Cryptocurrency to unlock in-game content
StarCredits is the crypto-based token for Back to Earth. StarCredits will be used to sway real-time story...
BattleDrome 483 Views
The Modern Coliseum for gladiatorial combat
BattleDrome is a platform/ecosystem for gaming which is built on top of a decentralized Battle Arena, allowing...
Betmaster 449 Views
Innovative online sports betting platform
Blockchain enabled innovative online sports betting platform. We have scientifically reinvented the Sport...
Betrium 639 Views
Future of Gambling
Betrium is the solution developed by group of entrepreneurs and MIT & MIPT graduates offering the first partly-decentralized worldwide...
BIT.GAME 424 Views
Exchange for Blockchain Games
BIT.GAME is the world’s first digital asset exchange for blockchain games, it will not only grow together with all the...
BitGuild 385 Views
Blockchain Gaming Platform
BitGuild’s mission is to revolutionize the global gaming industry by creating a platform for a brand new class of games that...
Cayman Islands
BitSong 416 Views
Blockchain Music Streaming
BitSong is a project dedicated to musicians and listeners and will generate profit for the artist and the users who listens to...
BlockShow 511 Views
The flagship event for the blockchain industry
BlockShow: The flagship event for the blockchain industry, 14-15 November 2019, Singapore, Marina Bay...
Blocktix 488 Views
Event hosting platform
The Blocktix System is a platform that replaces the current fragmented markets of event ticket distribution, ticket transfer and...
Bolt 463 Views
Open Entertainment Economy
Bolt was founded in 2017 to give underbanked/unbanked users in emerging markets (the next 6 billion) access to truthful,...
Bond Film Platform 581 Views
A New Economic Model for Film and Video
Bond Film Platform is one platform to stream content, invest in content and for revenue distribution....
Bountie 415 Views
Get Paid to Play
BOUNTIE will begin with 53% of the global Gaming Industry. With an ultra high-tech platform that empowers us—non-professional gamers,...
Brave Sound Token 465 Views
A Democratized & Incentivized Ecosystem for the Entertainment Industry
The Brave Sound Platform by Sound Blockchain Technology (SBT) is a software...
BunnyToken 461 Views
Adult Industry Token
BunnyToken is a payment solution for the $103 billion adult industry which will replace traditional payment methods for adult tube...
CEEK 469 Views
A new reality
CEEK VR is an award-winning developer and distributor of hardware and software for Omni-channel distribution of Virtual Reality (VR)...
CFun 419 Views
Tokenize Individual Creativity
The vision of CFun, in the 24 months to come, is to subvert all existing ways of creation, till that of socializing!...
Clout 677 Views
Media. Decentralized.
CLOUT is a blockchain based platform intended to promote crypto communities growth. CLOUT is committed towards providing users with...
CoinPoker 509 Views
CryptoCurrency Online Poker
CoinPoker is a worldwide cryptocurrency-based online poker room that’s launching its ICO this November. We’re operating...
British Virgin Islands
Coinquiztador 422 Views
Bet On Yourself. Bet On Your Knowledge.
Coinquiztador is a trivia based online game, in which the players answer questions from a single category. The...
concertVR 445 Views
Change the music industry FOREVER
Audiences attending concerts and festivals are reaching record highs and are expected to generate in 2017 sales above...
Contentos 690 Views
The Decentralized Global Content Ecosystem
Contentos is a decentralized global content ecosystem invested by Binance Labs (the blockchain incubator of...
Contents Protocol 517 Views
Decentralized Protocol
Contents Protocol is a decentralized protocol to revitalize the premium content industry, powered by WATCHA Inc. Through Contents...
South Korea
Cosmochain 599 Views
Bringning Innovation to the Cosmetics Industry
COSMOCHAIN is a universal beauty platform that connects cosmetics product users and content creators to...
Hong Kong