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List of blockchain companies

There are 1143 blockchain companies from 182 countries operating in 31 markets
There are 25 blockchain companies from 16 countries
Is an Open Service-technology Platform
Brain-computer Interfaces to train your brain, manipulate gadgets and enjoy new VR powerful games. BASIS NEURO is a...
Cayman Islands
BuratinoBS 550 Views
Multi-Mining System for SHA-256 and SCRYPT
Multi-miner Papa Carlo with the high productivity and energy efficient 7nm node chip is manufactured with the...
Cajutel Sarl 546 Views
Internet Rapido
We will build the most cost effective broadband access network for Guinea-Bissau and neighboring Guinea and provide state of the art...
Crypto Market Ads 820 Views
Democratize Crypto Advertising & Marketing
Crypto Market Ads is new marketplace which solves all crypto advertising and marketing problems by connecting...
Cryptoxygen 613 Views
A Complete Solution for Cryptocurrency Trading
This is a first in the history of the crypto world industry, that a crypto exchange platform seals a...
CyClean 576 Views
Rental System of Electric Vehicles
CyClean is a project that promotes clean energy through a rental system of electric vehicles. It applies blockchain...
Singapore 538 Views
Each and every hotel, office, and parking lot is the first alternative system for easy and cost-efficient recharging of electric cars and...
ECOMI 625 Views
Premium licensed Digital Collectibles
ECOMI’s mission is to create the world’s best platform to purchase, protect and collect premium licensed digital...
Fixy Network
Fixy Network ICO is closed.

Company services: Communication, Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Internet, Investment, Media, Real estate,...
Hong Kong
FOAM 466 Views
Open Protocol for Proof of Location on Ethereum
FOAM is an open protocol for proof of location on Ethereum. Our mission is to build a consensus driven map...
IOU 740 Views
True P2P E-Commerce Loyalty Platform
IOU reinvents existing loyalty systems in order to provide more flexibility, control, and many more benefits for...
MUXE 720 Views
The Innovative Platform for All Real Estate Needs
MUXE is a one-stop platform that facilitates from buying your DREAM HOME, to getting RENTAL income from...
Neurogress 552 Views
Controlling the World With the Power of Thought
The scope of neurocontrolled devices is infinite, because all the developments are a priori designed to...
Nevix 562 Views
Digital Assets For Film Industry
NEVIX is a digital asset platform built on Blockchain technology, decentralized, peer-to-peer open source.

The Nevix...
OLXA 594 Views
Cryptocurrency You Can Spend Anywhere Anytime
OLXA Coin is a cryptocurrency designed for life usage building the bridge connecting the Crypto Market to...
Shping 458 Views
Shping Makes Shopping Smarter
With Shping, it’s our goal to help consumers make safer, more informed decisions about the products they buy. Now they can...
Sirin Labs 701 Views
Secure open source consumer electronics
SIRIN LABS’ vision is to become the world’s leader in secure open source consumer electronics, bridging the...
Smart City 414 Views
Smart House Hardware and Services
The Smart City Coin Test Net is a utility token aimed to be used within the European Smart City Community. Our main goal...
Solarex 614 Views
Blockchain Powered Solar Energy Ecosystem
Around one and a half billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity and over 3billion rely on...
SONDER 665 Views
Absolute Security Level
Project was developed to overcome the main barriers to full integration of blockchain-technologies into e-commerce market – high...
StopTheFakes 513 Views
Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement
We've created a user-friendly and affordable Blockchain service for everyone to track and record cases of...
Czech Republic
winkPark 529 Views
You Can Earn 200% In Just One Year
winkPark is a working innovative map-based mobile app which uses gamification elements and relies on cooperation...
WorldWiFi 479 Views
Future Is Wireless
World Wi-Fi is a global decentralized free network. The participants of the platform include ordinary users, router owners and...
WPP 691 Views
Green Energy Token Backed by Billions in Projects
This platform is being created to reduce the cost of green energy to most parts of the world by...
Yanu 405 Views
Bringing Service Robots to Everyday Situations
YANU serves beverages, handles payments, identifies and communicates with clients. Yes, you can pay for...