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List of blockchain companies

There are 1143 blockchain companies from 182 countries operating in 31 markets
There are 202 blockchain companies from 44 countries
0chain 2,708 Views
0-Cost Cloud For IoT, Web, Enterprise, dApps
0chain is a free decentralized scalable cloud with sub-second finality, and self-forking capability to...
ABLE 2,095 Views
The New Era of Crypto Finance
The ABLE project will create a platform that enables cryptocurrency-based banking activities to center around the ABLE...
ACUDEEN 1,537 Views
Decentralized Ecosystem For Movable Assets
For small and medium sized entities (SMEs), there is nothing as difficult and nerve-racking as waiting for...
Africunia 928 Views
The first indigenous african cryptocurrency
AFRICUNIA is introducing an innovative banking model that allows the use of digital currency without hurdles,...
Aidus 1,052 Views
Decentralized Global Fund Market
The AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized fund market established upon the ETHEREUM network to serve as a...
Hong Kong
AIREN 1,105 Views
The Power of Blockchain meets the Future of AI
AIREN brings Artificial Intelligence and Real Estate markets to the world of Blockchain Technology. Real...
AIREXE 966 Views
For People Who Believe in Cryptocurrency
AIREXE is new modern crypto-fiat currency exchange. We bring the new cryptocurrency exchange, which we are sure...
Alttex 596 Views
Alttex Consortium
Alttex is an innovative system which consists of a decentralized crypto exchange, crypto messenger, and crypto safe. Our system allows...
Amon 560 Views
Enabling Crypto Spending In Everyday Life
Amon is an every-day Crypto debit card for everyone. It has a powerful multi-currency crypto wallet and...
ARAW 629 Views
Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem
Today’s e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace and global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5...
Asseta 566 Views
Future Is Here. Future Banking As Well
ASSETA will establish a digital bank and all the attention will be targeted to provide low cost, modern, easy to...
AssetStream 483 Views
The Global Decentralized Peer To Peer Microfinance Platform
AssetStream’s vision is to create a sustainable microfinance platform based on blockchain...
Auricoin 691 Views
New World Economic Order
Classic trade flow products (including letters of credit and letters of credit waiting in cryptocurrencies), Structured trade and...
Aurora 484 Views
Cryptobanking and Financial Platform
Aurora provides an advanced, open, and stable financial network, accessible by anyone in the world regardless of...
Azbit 499 Views
Blockchain Investment Banking
The main objectives of the project are to meet the needs of cryptocurrency projects and users for traditional financial...
Seychelles 599 Views
Mobile Cryptobank Platform, Users Become Owners
Baanx has a lending site, an OTC Exchange and Secure Wallet. We are launching: - Mobile Cryptobank App...
BABB 492 Views
Everyone is a Bank
BABB will empower the microeconomy, improving lives and livelihoods and creating new opportunities for individuals and businesses...
Bank4You 530 Views
Mobile Money Remittance System by Bank4YOU Group
Mobile Money Remittance System - first convergence of cryptocurrencies with mobile network operator’s...
Bankcoin 531 Views
Cryptocurrency Exchange is a new concept in cryptocurrency and digital assets on the internet with the highest security standards in a...
Bankera 475 Views
Banking for the Blockchain Era
Bankera is building a digital bank to last for the blockchain era. As a traditional bank, Bankera's services fit into three...
BANKEX 503 Views
Proof-of-Asset Protocol
BANKEX is building a new blockchain technology that enables the creation of Smart Assets, which is the beginning of developing a...
Beluga Pay 506 Views
The First Complete Mobile Point of Sale System
BELUGA Point of Sale, BELUGA Restaurant Edition, BELUGA Peer 2 Peer and BELUGA Payment Data suite platforms...
betboxAI 546 Views
AI-driven Hedge Fund
BetBox is a collective intelligence method for gambling on sports, aimed at providing precise evaluation of games outcomes...
Instant bitcoin payments processing
Crypto payment solution for all e-commerce platforms & e-shops with integrated major cryptocurrencies. Crypto-friendly...
BiteX 520 Views
The First Locally-Embedded Crypto-Bank
Bitex’s crypto-banking services include: Customer care, user experience and governance that is localized; *An...
Bitozz 427 Views
Decentralized Futures & Options Trading Platform
BITOZZ is creating a completely new ecosystem, built to facilitate a crypto derivative market where...
Bitto Exchange 631 Views
Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
Bitto exchange provides a 1 stop solution Exchange with Trading, Backed Loans, Copy trading, PoS, Multi-level Referral &...
BlockBank 446 Views
Bespoke commercial banking
Block Bank is a a digital decentralized commercial banking entity. The Block Bank concept is a digital funding platform...
Bloom 481 Views
Say Hello to Inclusive Credit
Bloom brings credit scoring to the blockchain. Founded Stanford engineers, Bloom makes credit global and inclusive. Bloom...
Bonpay 539 Views
Global Blockchain Solution for Financial Freedom
Bonpay is a full-fledged Blockchain service. It includes a wide range of solutions, from Bitcoin storage...
BQT 644 Views
Social P2P Crypto Exchange and Hedge Trading Platform
BQT P2P Exchange Platform provides secure, interactive and flexible trading environment and...
Bread 522 Views
Bread is the simple and secure bitcoin wallet
Bread tokens will unlock a long list of perks for users of the Bread platform. Token holders will enjoy...
Bytus 880 Views
Payment by Cryptocurrency with Instant Conversion into FiatBytus wants to revolutionize the payment system as it works today and blockchain enables us to do...
Cashaa 497 Views
Next Gen Banking Platform for the Billions
Cashaa built its infrastructure on the blockchain and utilizes artificial intelligence to power mainstream...
Celsius 644 Views
P2P Decentralized Lending & Borrowing Platform
For crypto to continue to spread and gain traction we’ve got to bring the next 100m people into the...
Change Bank 479 Views
The First Truly Decentralised Crypto Bank
Change Coin is a revolutionary financial proposition that materializes the vision of finance without borders...
Coal Industry Coin 464 Views
Biggest ICO of Global Coal Mining Industry
It is a Cryptocurrency with its own decentralised ledger, Safeguard by Physical assets of Coal Mining Sites,...
CoinLion 535 Views
Learn. Build. Grow.
CoinLion is the industry solution for managing the complex jungle of trading digital assets. We believe trading digital currency...
CoinLoan 500 Views
Platform for loans secured by cryptoassets
At one point or another, every crypto investor needs to get their hands on fiat money. Crypto asset...
Cointed 529 Views
The Future of Money
COINTED is building a bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the real world. Even though cryptocurrencies have brought a whole...