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AfzetPal is a digital and technical marketing agency specialising in digital marketing activities for ICO projects and technical audit. We provide the perfect environment to run pre-sales campaigns, which allows you to control your concepts, obtain valuable information and develop early traction with buyers who can track your progress.

Company services: Investors, Strategic associations, Token metrics, Review of the Technical Code, Exchange announcements, Liquidity support- OTC, Legal, Brand & Marketing, Universal exposition, Community construction, Content creation
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Country: Spain
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New York, USA
Crypto Market ICO Research & Token Advisory
Education + ResearchWe go beyond the tech, offering education, analysis and due diligence driven research reports on utility tokens, platforms and project execution. We bring transparency and shine a light into a project's development and provide follow up communication after a token launch has concluded. Priority UpdatesGet updates and research reports on currency's, blockchain protocols and tokens to gain better insight into changes in the Crypto space and the catalysts behind them.

Company services: Advisory + Consulting, Legal, Tax + Compliance, Research + Market Analysis, Blockchain + Technology Solutions, White Paper Creation, Marketing + Public Relations, Token Buyer Identification + Engagement + Advisor Introductions
Malta, Gibraltar
Full stack ICO agency, from company set up to exchange listing
ICOMalta is a full stack ICO provider which benefits from being a joint venture between a licensed legal, financial, trustee and fiduciary service provider and a blockchain development agency with a team of in-house B9Lab certified developers. This allows us to run the entire ICO process from company incorporation and banking setup to exchange listing in-house, without outsourcing any services, offering great cost and operational advantages to our clients. Our total headcount is about 60 and we have offices in Malta and Gibraltar. Our services are split into three main verticals, legal, technical and marketing, with clients being free to choose which services they would like to engage us for.

Company services: Legal, Finanacial, Fiduciary, Tehcnical/Development, Marketing, ICO Specific banking solutions
We do design; planning; team building; execution; control
The idea behind the name is that token is not always a coin, and more importantly token is a new definition of relations between people and projects, so the little piece of technology reshapes the relations. Of course we also mean that successful digital strategy for public relations is essential for a large scale token launch.The abbreviation is also known as an essential para of text preceding a longread article from which you understand the core of the idea. This is the philosophy of TL;DR — first things first and get your grips together within the shortest attention span you can attract from your customers in the modern world. 

Company services: Strategic structuring, Strategic communications, Assets creation, Strategic marketing, Community building and management, Advertising campaign management, PR campaign management, Legal, Technology
San Francisco, USA
With Ambisafe you can issue any type of asset on the blockchain in minutes
Ambisafe's founding team has been pioneering cryptocurrency development since 2010. Our experience ranges from development of alternative consensus algorithms in 2010 to launching the first multi-currency wallet in 2014. Some of our recent achievements include going through the first bitcoin class of silicon valley startup accelerator, breaking to the finals of the SWIFT Innotribe Startup Competition and being the first digital wallet to implement MasterProtocol. Nowadays we specialize in issuance of Ethereum-based financial instruments and related services. ICO, Exchange integrations etc. Blockchain is a revolutionary global cloud database that enables multiple ways to optimize speed and transparency of any business that involves asset transfer or digital signatures. Ambisafe provides right tools and expertise to make it work for you. Using Ambisafe services you can issue any type of asset on the blockchain in minutes, and add it to cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. We have in-depth understanding of the needs of blockchain asset administrators and their customers. We offer a set of white label software products that save you up to a year of engineering efforts.

Company services: Strategy, Introductions, Legal, Marketing, Design, Post-ICO, Engineering, Liquidity
London, UK
Providing end-to-end Blockchain and ICO services...
At 0xblock, we strive to work on the projects we involved in. We care and understand what ICO meant for businesses. We are the real influencers who work round the clock for your project to make it the big success.

Company services: Smart Contract Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Investor Relations, Reputation Management, MVP Development, Legal, Security Audit
Russian Federation
Foster your idea with thoughtful approach
An agency that provides technical, analytical and marketing set of services to projects that are willing to conduct an ICO.

Company services: Web development, Token creation, Public relations, Community management, Social media, Content marketing, WEB Design, Whitepaper, Market analysis, Promotion video, Project analysis, Translation, Advisory, Marketing.